Jake Hafele - Project Portfolio
My Portfolio
Welcome anyone and everyone to my project portfolio website! I have been continuously updating this website for over three years as I have been working through my undergraduate program at Iowa State University. This portfolio holds information on everything I have done while studying Electrical Engineering, including my projects, work experience, and an updated resume! Alongside all of the projects I have worked on, I have had a lot of fun recording videos going over each project on editing them, which I think is much more accessible for someone who is interested in my work or what I do. If you are looking to get in contact with me to talk about a potential job or project I worked on, the best page to visit would be the Resume page, which includes my email and LinkedIn account. You can also find my LinkedIn and YouTube links at the Footer of this page.

  Long term, I would like to become specialized in some type of field with a Graduate degree, right now leaning towards something related to PCB design, FPGAs, or possibly something related to digital signals processing or radio frequency devices. I hope to gain a better understanding in each of these fields as I complete my last year of my Undergraduate degree and my Masters at Iowa State University. After graduation, I am planning to stay within the Midwest so that I can be closer to family. I am looking forward to entering industry to apply the skills I have learned in my classes, projects, and internships towards something that can help improve the lives of people daily.

Featured Projects

Below is a list of some of my favorite and most interesting projects to this day! I think all of these projects show how much I have grown as an engineer in school, and what I have to look forward to in my future classes, projects, and career in general. If you are interested in some embedded or 3D printing work, I would suggest you take a look at my Freshman year projects. If you would like to learn more about my time on Solar Car, or how I started my journey with PCB design, then I would suggest reading up on my Sophomore and Junior year projects page. As of my senior year, I have been working on a lot of FPGA projects both on my own and in school, so the Senior year page would be great for that. Hope you enjoy!

Capstone Design: Open Source Digital ASIC Fabrication SmartSSD: Utilizing FPGA Accelerated Computational Storage Device Chipyard: Analysis of Synthesized Branch Predictor Schemes for Out of Order Processor Spider Robot
About Me
Currently, I am in my Senior year studying Electrical Engineering at Iowa State University. In the past year, I completed a study abroad trip to Ireland and a co-op at Collins Aerospace, working as a systems engineer intern on the CH-47F Chinook program. Over my time in College, I have been involved in many clubs, including PrISUm Solar Car, Critical Tinkers, and the ISU Marching Band. These clubs have given me so many amazing opportunities to meet great friends and work on multiple challenging projects. I also enjoy creating my own YouTube videos, most recently including a GoPro for things such as Hiking. If you would like to see some of these GoPro videos, check out the tab to the right of this one!

Fun facts about me:

  • Favorite Movie: Whiplash
  • Favorite Video Game: Portal 2
  • Favorite Music Genre: Alternative Rock
  • Favorite TV show from last year: Arcane
  • Place I want to travel to: Greece (again)
  • Pet I own: 1 orange cat
GoPro Videos
During the Summer of 2023, I decided to buy a GoPro while I was on Co-op at Collins Aerospace. While I have not gone to too many adventurous places yet, I have really enjoyed editing together videos of me spending time with my friends. I think that capturing both the technical and fun parts of my college career has been very rewarding, and it goes to show how much I have grown throughout my time at Iowa State. If you care to see some of the videos I've made, check them out below!