Jake Hafele - Project Portfolio
Solar Car: Horn and Lights (Click here for more info)
During my time on working on the Horn and Lights Project, HAL, I was able to manage and help guide new members in designing one of our application boards for Solar Car. HAL's focus is to take in data over our software's CAN network to turn on different lights and the horn in the car. If you have seen my writeup or video on buttonboard, you will notice that this is the direct inverse to that board, where this time we are receiving CAN packets and converting them to a voltage output on this board. Since the first revision of this board was already created in the previous year, it was our job to improve on where it had failed before. Specifically, we had issues with some parts being underspecced in how much current they should be capable of handling. Also, some of the traces on the PCB were not well equipped to handle current outputs over 5A. To fix this, we made our goal in redesigning the board to spec out larger parts, create wider PCB traces, and expand the board to 4 layers to make signal management cleaner.
Solar Car: Headnode R2
During this revision of Headnode, I was actively working as the BPS hardware manager. After the last revision and summer testing, I decided that this revision would be used to clean up old redundancies and unused parts of the last board, while standardizing circuits to match our other boards. Some changes include updating our 12V power circuit, removing unused charging logic, updating the MOSFET buffers to the other battery pack boards, removing unused Moduleboard circuits, and updating the circuit that drives the battery pack relays to the new power switch part, instead of the old relays. The goal was to maintain meeting all the regulations of the old board while adding quality of life improvements that would help future development of Headnode.

Solar Car: Year Two
On the following page, I cover the second year of my time in Solar Car. This includes managing hardware projects, going on my first solar car race, and being on the electrical leadership team. During my second year, I helped manage and lead two different electrical projects, including Headnode, which helps monitor our battery protection system, and HAL, which controls the horn and lights in the car. I also participated in the FSGP and ASC 2021 Solar Car race as a driver! If you want to see some video of me driving the car, this is the place to be. Finally, I worked on creating a standardized part library for all of our current and new hardware projects to use, to help condense the amount of parts used to save time and money from Digikey orders.